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The ITIL Foundation Certification course in San Francisco by WorldLearnsHere.com is an Online Training and Certification program led by the Live Instructor designed to ensure that you get a complete knowledge, picture and understanding of the ITIL concepts and ensure that you clear the ITIL Foundation certification exam within the first attempt.

Course objectives,

By the end of this ITIL course training you will:

  1. Clear the ITIL exam. Our trainers put in their best efforts to help students prepare adequately for the exams.
  2. You are advised to learn the key concepts and principles, which guide IT service management.
  3. Understand how to use and apply ITIL models, techniques and procedures to increase work efficiency and improve customer delivery services.
  4. gain knowledge and make best use of ITIL concepts in automating business tasks and in improving the efficiency of IT service management.
  5. Have a comprehensive understanding of the entire scope of IT service management and how it operates.
  6. Gain experience in various ITIL practices, which can be used to save costs, and in determining the best processes, which are the best fit for various operations.

Why our training?

Because we are the best and here's why

  1. Our organization prides in the quality of our accredited trainers who pride excellent training, which has live case studies and implementation scenarios.
  2. We have a money back guaranteed policy for any client who wishes to discontinue the program.
  3. A student who fails to attain the minimum pass mark within the first attempt gets a 50% sponsorship from us to retake the exam.
  4. We have a flexible training timetable, which offers convenience to every student.
  5. Our trainers use high-quality materials, which have Acquiros and Exin accreditation.
  6. The training and exam can be done at the convenience of the student.
  7. After each chapter has been covered, our trainers provide assessment tests to enhance the learning experiences.
  8. Our trainers also offer two simulation tests before the main exam to help candidates prepare adequately.
  9. Our excellent tutorship and study materials has made us preferred choice of students when it come to ITIL certification & ITIL foundation in San Francisco and across the globe.

Course Description

This course includes 16 hours of Live Online Classroom Training under an expert tutor AND The ITIL® Foundation certification Exam. We have batches that run over the weekend as well as week days. There are trainings that happen in mornings, evenings as well as full day batches available every month.


1Day 1 (4+1 Hours)
Learning unit 1
Course Introduction,
Introduction to Service Management Lifecycle
Principles of service management
The ITIL® Service lifecycle
Learning unit 2
Service Strategy
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
2 Day 2 (4+1 Hours)
Recap of day one and review of the quiz
Learning unit 3 – Service Design
Learning unit 4 – Service Transition(Part 1)
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
3 Day 3 ( 4+1 Hours)
Recap of Day two and review of the quiz
Learning unit 4 – Service Transition(Part 2)
Learning unit 5 – Service Operation
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
4 Day 4 (4 + 1 Hours)
Recap of Day three and review of the quiz
Learning unit 6 – Continual Service Improvement
Learning unit 7 – Exam prep unit
Simulation Exam and discussion of the exams.
Additional Simulation exam
Final Certification Exam(Web proctored Anytime-Anywhere Exam)

About the Exam & Certification

For a candidate to become ITIL certified, one has to pass the ITIL Foundation certification exam, which has a pass mark of 65%. The exam is based on a total of 40 questions with 40 marks. The exam has multiple choices to choose from. The duration for taking the exam is 40 hours.


1 Does the course fee cover the exam fee?
Yes. The fees charged for the course training include exam fees.
2 What certification does a candidate get after passing the exam?
When a candidate successful passes the exam, one gets the official Axelos ITIL Foundation certification.
3 How many questions are there in the ITIL Foundation Certification?
The exam consists of 40 questions. The minimum pass mark for one to be certified is 65%.
4 What is a virtual classroom?
These are classroom lessons, which are provided through live online broadcasts via the internet.
5 Who provides training for the course?
In our organization, we have a competent team of highly qualified trainers who have a minimum of 15 years in It service management field. Moreover, all our trainers are accredited.
6 Is any person eligible for ITIL certification?
Yes. Any interested person can undertake the training and be certified
7 What devices can students use to attend the classroom lessons?
Any device, which has a reliable internet connection and has the ability to stream live video sessions can be used. They include PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc..
There are no Pre-requisites for the ITIL Foundation certification course
ITIL® is considered one of the top 10 certifications in the IT space ITIL has a global adoption with over 10,000 companies and organizations that have adopted ITIL® which means there is no shortage of job opportunities for ITIL certified people.

About WorldLearnsHere.com

World Learns Here is one of the most comprehensive virtual classroom and self learning portal in Project, IT service, and Quality management for the working professional world over. Our ITIL training in San Francisco is gaining momentum year on year. Visit our website www.WorldLearnsHere.com for more.

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